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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Will the Komodo Park Become One of the Nature's Seven Wonders?

In several small volcanic islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire there live prehistoric dragons named Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) in accordance with the name of the main island they live in. The islands are located in the Nusa Tenggara Timur which weather is relatively arid and the lands are mostly covered by savannah suitable for Komodo life.

This advantage is enhanced by the condition where the local people all live in the coastal areas. In addition, their attitude and belief prevent them to disturb the creatures that make the animals do not get much trouble from the human being.
The dragon is just one among very rare animals on earth which are capable of parthenogenesis in the sense that a female komodo living without a male is able to produce fertilized eggs. But such unnatural birth animals are relatively weak and detrimental to various diseases.  

Komodo is estimated to live since 33 million years ago as indicated by the examination of the carcasses fossils resembling Varanus Komodoensis found in Africa. Komodo is then considered as a remnant of the prehistoric dragon who still survive and live in the modern era, a sort of Indonesian's Jurassic Park. This is one of the reasons why the islands where Komodo lives are so attractive for the visitors as they have a kind of feeling as though they travel back in time into the prehistoric era. 

The government converted the islands Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, and a number of nearby islets to become National Park in1980. Currently, the government promotes the park as a candidate for the selection of the seven new wonders of nature under the considerations among others that Komodo dragon is an endangered species and must be protected from illegal poachers. In addition, the government wants the park to become an eco-tourism destination and to boost the total number of tourists visiting the islands. 

The islands can be reached from Jakarta by airplane to Kupang and from there, visitors should transit and use the smaller plane to Bajawa or directly by boat to Labuan Bajo which the number of accommodations is increasing due to the tourists prefer to stay there. 

On top of Komodo National Park, the government also proposed Borobudur temple, Krakatau and Toba Lake National Parks, but only Komodo Park reached the final selection. The vote is done worldwide through internet organized by the Foundation of the New 7 Wonders based in Basel.  Komodo Park should compete with the other 27 finalists and now it ranks No. 11. Its fate will be determined and will be announced publicly on November 11, 2011. 

Folks, let’s vote for Komodo National Park and hope for the best.

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